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Doing  research in Africa can be stressing especially if you don

Doing  research in Africa can be stressing especially if you don't know the  local language ,remember all districts in  all countries of Africa use  different languages.In this article I will guide you the different expenses involved in conducting an evaluation,market research ,a baseline study or an academic research in Africa.I have conducted more than 10 evaluations in Africa and am going to outline the different costs you can't miss.

Sample Size

The sample size is the first independent factor which determines how much you will need,let me use an illustration.

Sample Size: 100
Size of the survey form: 24 pages
Number of research assistants needed: 5 data collectors
Number of days it will take: 4days
Fees per data collector: $45 a day which includes all food,accommodation,etc
Total Cost:    5 datacollectors x $45 x  4days = $900

Survey Form Printing and training

Training data collectors depends on the size of the data collection tool and the size of the survey form. It usually takes 3-4 days inclusive of pilot day for datacollectors to fully understand the questions/interpretation and objectives of the survey.In summary  $300 is enough to train 5 data collectors in 4 days.
Printing a survey form cost $0.2 per page but you can also use mobile data collection method.

Communication and Transportation during the field data collection

Moving to remote villages of Africa with poor roads can take you all day moving from one destination to another.Transportation and communication is one of the key section you need to budget for.Hiring a tax with more than 6 seats can charge you an average of $80 a day,this includes fuel,garage fixing,fees,food and accommodation for the driver.

Data Entry

Each page entry costs about $0.2,remember our survey form has 24 pages ie $4.8 per survey form

In conclusion about $2480 is needed to conduct a research of 100 sample size,with a 24 survey form and 5 datacollectors

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